XXLarge kit High Performance 800cc

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Modified Visa-cylinders with new aluminium sleeve and Nikasil coating

You can adjust the compression ratio with our cylinder base gaskets.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Visa-cylinders with new aluminium sleeves with Nikasil coating
  • 2 new forged pistons Ø85 mm
  • new piston rings
  • gudgeon pins
  • Engine seal set 2CV4/6 without crankshaft oil seals
  • Jets for Solex carburettor

With exchange of visa-cylinders
The kit fits on a modified Visa crankcase or a modified 2CV crankcase

2CV Engine: If you wish to mount this kit on your 2cv engine, you need some extras:

  • Modified 2CV crankcase (VGS)
  • Modified Visa-cylinder heads
  • Visa cooling panels

Advantages High Performance kit:

  • Aluminium :
    • Increased cooling (4x better than cast steel)
    • Increased power
    • Increased thermal conductivity
    • Less weight
    • Better shape retention, which results in superior compression
  • Nikasil coating (High Performance)
    • Less friction, resulting in more power
    • High resistance to fast increases of temperature
    • Excellent thermal conductivity, so better cooling
    • Nikasil improves the conductivity of the piston, and limits the heating compared to the cast sleeve
    • Hardness and porosity: stores the grease / oil and improves the lubrification
    • Increases engine lifetime significantly
    • Less oil consumption
    • Runs more smoothly
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