Reconditioned VISA crankshaft modified for 2CV crankcase

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Product Details
  • complete disassembly of the crankshaft
    • extract the pinion
    • open the crankshaft
    • checking the weight of the connecting rods: we only accept a difference of maximum 2 grams between the different rods (for road engines).
    • Extract the crankshaft plug
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of crankshaft and crankshaft oil passages
  • Connecting rods:
    • Dissassembly of both BIG end and SMALL end connecting rod rings
    • BIG END:
      • Mount new connecting rod bearings brand GLYCO or NDC;
      • We only accept a clearance between 0,05 and 0,06 mm
      • trimétal bearings
    • SMALL END:
      • Mount new connecting rod bushings brand GLYCO
      • We respect the Citroën tolerances: nous respectons les tolérances de Citroën: 20,004 to 20,006 by honnage of the bushings
  • Install new crankshaft plugs for oil passages
  • Place all the parts in our crankshaft tool
  • Align the crankshaft with a tolerance less than 0,05mm
  • Mount a new main bearing with an axial clearance between 0,07 and 0,10mm maximum (Citroën tolerance maximum 0,14mm)
  • Mount a new rear bearing
  • Mount a new bearing for primary axle and seal
  • Check and mount the pinion, please note that the correct position of the pinion is essential for a good engine.
  • Grinding of the main journals
  • Mount a 2CV pinion instead of the Visa pinion
  • Mount a new rear bearing 2CV

Please note that it’s difficult to keep up with demand, for current stock situation, please give us a call.

Price includes exchange crankshaft 2CV6/Visa


We don’t sandblast cranshafts since we attach more importance to the good function than to the outside view of parts.

We guarantee quality in terms of

  • Rectification
  • Perfect aligment of the assembled crankshaft
  • Correct tolerances
  • Quality parts

If it is necessary to grind the main journals, we do not use this crankshaft because every crankshaft has got an induction treatment (in orden to harden). In our opinion, grinding the crankshaft will result in a less resistant surface.

*During the reconditionning, the crankshaft is oiled. Please note that after mounting the crankshaft it is necessary to start the engine without spark plugs until the engine has reached the correct oil pressure.

*No exchange crankshaft Visa: + € 250

*We highly recommand you to use a well-known quality oil for example Motul, Total, …

*Please note that you need a Visa flywheel, 6bolts. There's no hole for the ignition, for this, you need to look fort he TDC (see manual multitool)

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